Making Music City Social Again

Seeley Media is a digital consulting agency focusing on creative services, media planning & distribution, and social media marketing. Our social-first approach helps brands extend their reach and drive sales by engaging directly with their customer base. Using emerging technologies in our marketing and content planning helps our customers stay on the cutting edge and increase engagement across multiple platforms. Our services include graphic design, online video, audio production, written content, social strategy and brand development.

About the Founder

Justin Seeley is a graphic designer, content creator, author, and social media marketer currently living in Nashville, TN. He’s passionate about content creation; whether that’s written content, video or audio production, graphic design, or social micro-content. He works with clients to determine their marketing needs, identity their target audience, and develop a content strategy that will help them drive sales and increase brand awareness across multiple social platforms.

To date Justin authored over 100 online courses covering topics such as graphic design, illustration, and social media marketing. His courses have been viewed by millions of people across the world, and some of my course curriculums have been adopted by several higher education institutions. He’s authored content for LinkedIn Learning,, CreativeLIVE, Pluralsight, Adobe, and Microsoft; and prides himself on his ability to distill complex information into simple, everyday terms that allows anyone to comprehend it regardless of their skill level.