Seeley Media is a full-service digital agency based in Nashville, TN. We serve businesses across multiple industries and provide solutions that fit almost any scope and/or budget. We’re dedicated to creating content and strategies that get results. Period. Our philosophy is that if our clients aren’t succeeding, we’re not succeeding. Therefore your goals are our goals and we’re determined to help you achieve them.

We’re not in the marketing business… we’re in the attention business! In today’s media-rich world your brand is constantly competing for attention, both with other brands and a sea of other distractions. We help you rise above this noise by using cutting-edge content strategies and digital marketing techniques across a wide variety of platforms. Our services range from graphic/web design to social media marketing and video production.


We start every project with an analysis of the problem. Whether that’s performing a social media audit or writing a creative brief, we carefully consider all facets of a project and develop a set of KPIs (key performance indicators) that we strategize around in order to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.

Once the roadmap has been created we get to work on designing high-quality, meaningful pieces of creative to help support the goals we’re trying to achieve. We focus on making sure that what we design has just as much function as it does flash. In other words we want it to work just as good as it looks.

This is where we put our creative elements in play along with our strategic marketing plan(s). We create digital ad campaigns and implement social community building techniques that support the content we’ve created in order to deliver on the promise we set forth in our initial concept phase.